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What I Bought at Vintage Pickin’

As an antique dealer, I’ve shopped many antique shows all over the country, and Vintage Pickin’ is one of my favorites to attend.  I love that it is a short drive away (2.5 hours) in Fort Payne, Alabama.  More importantly, I love the talented group of antique dealers and makers that April gathers for each show.  Not to mention, Vintage Pickin’ is full of charm with April’s family and friends helping to welcome you and encourage a fun-filled day.  I feel privileged every time I get to shop this show, and I am thrilled to share with you what I bought at Vintage Pickin’ this fall.


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Pale blue graphic saying "What I Bought at Vintage Pickin'" featuring a pheasant logo for Inherited and Co. with all on top of a photo of a rustic antique vignette


Lauren of Inherited and Co. and April of Vintage Pickin in front of the show sign


Brown Transferware

With it being fall, the brown transferware caught my eye at several booths.  (Check out 5 Easy-To-Find Antiques for Your Fall Décor if you want to see what antiques could be paired with brown transferware for this season.) I ended up getting three pieces—two bowls from Southern Comforts and a pitcher from Homegrown Studio.

Corner of chippy white cabinet with two brown transferware bowls on top

Even though I have a decent-sized brown transferware collection, I do not have a lot of bowls.  I was happy to score these for that fact, as well as the pitcher due to its unique shape.  For now, these pieces will be added to the built-in shelves in our hallway, where I display my brown transferware collection.  Click here to shop similar pieces.

Two brown transferware bowls on chippy white surface


brown transferware pitcher on chippy white surface


Vintage Painting

I should say these finds are in no particular order, so this next Vintage Pickin’ purchase was actually a Day 2 find.  (FYI—Usually, dealers restock and/or rearrange on Day 2.  If you can’t make it on opening day, the second days are just as good.  If you shop Day 1, consider going Day 2 if you are close-by or staying in town.  You might find something you missed the first day.)  I purchased this vintage painting from Bluegrass Market.

Vintage muted painting of waterfall in wood picture frame

His booth was the first one near the gate, so I missed this cute vintage painting earlier when his booth was filled with the initial crowd from the opening of the show.  (Plus, I was distracted by a piece that you will see a little farther down!) I am glad I did a second look!  The muted tone of this piece is perfect for my home, with the blue adding a touch of brightness that will keep the eye moving in a fairly neutral space. I’m not sure yet where this piece will land.  For now, it is in our primary bathroom, but it is small enough that it could go just about anywhere.  Click here to shop similar pieces.  At the same time I found this gem in his booth, I noticed my next find too!


Four-drawered pine console topped with an antique mirror, oil painting, and wooden boot molds


Vintage Books

This trio of vintage books caught my attention because of the color and size initially.  Upon further inspection, the subjects sold me.  I majored in literature and history in college.  When I saw two were of Milton’s works and the other covered the history of England, they were definitely coming home with me.  The original set of books would have contained more volumes, so the fun will be looking out for the missing ones during my future antiquing adventures.

Three vintage books (Milton and History of England) on chippy white surface

Besides the obvious use of providing reading entertainment, vintage books have many uses in home decor—adding warmth, color, and texture or serving as risers to name a few.  For now, these will be used as risers in my home, but I hope to create a vintage library of sorts with a set of my built-in shelves where these will live in the future.  Click here to shop similar pieces.

Antique vignette with a muted oil painting and small oak mirror in the background of two brown transferware bowls and a stack of books


Antique Mirror

The next Vintage Pickin’ find is a Day 2 purchase as well.  This mirror was just the perfect amount of feminine (dainty plus curves) and masculine (dark oak) that I had to have it.  I found it in Barking Birds booth, and I loved how she had it displayed in a picture frame easel.  Currently, I have it leaning on the top of a cabinet in our primary bathroom, but I’m sure it will get moved around quite a bit in the house since the size is so versatile.  Click here to shop similar pieces.

Antique Oak Mirror on chippy white surface


Antique clothing form and old photos in an antique vignette


Vintage French Sculpture

The way a booth is styled can very likely do the selling for you, and that is exactly what happened when I saw this vintage French sculpture in the Sweetwater General booth.  I loved how she had it displayed on the top of a pine chest of drawers. The colors really looked good together, and since I have several pine pieces in my home, I added it to my pile.

Vintage French sculpture of boy and girl


Vintage French sculpture in foreground of an antique vignette


English pine hutch filled with antiques in an antique booth


Persian Rug Pillows

I say “pile” because I bought several items from Sweetwater General at Vintage Pickin’ including a pair of Persian rug pillows.  I have long been looking for a pair of rug pillows with just the right colors.  When I saw these mushroom-colored ones with a chambray back, I knew they would be a perfect match for the colors in my home.  Currently, they are sitting in a pair of vintage French reproduction chairs in our family room.  The brown and blue would work throughout my home, so they might eventually end up elsewhere.  I love them, and I’m happy I finally own a pair of rug pillows.  Click here to shop similar pieces.

Pair of mushroom-colored Persian rug pillows on top of chippy white cabinet


Bentwood Rack

The piece that caught my attention at the top of the show was a bentwood rack in Bluegrass Market’s booth.  I’ve never seen one like it, and I thought it would be perfect in my husband’s closet for hats and such.  I immediately snapped pictures of it and the brass details to send to my husband and see if he approved.  He did! Sold!

Bentwood hat rack that is triangular in shape and has brass details



I must say that Bluegrass Market has a great eye for finding exceptional pieces!  I saw the French wooden jardinière as I entered the show, but I could not decide on it because of the color.  I’ve seen these in wooden tones before, so I was trying to decide if I should hold out for a brown one.  I shopped the show while I thought about it.  I knew I was risking losing it, but I also knew I wanted to have at least two ideas of where I could make this particular one work in my home before I purchased it.

Black and gold French jardiniere

Then I remembered the iron lamp in my family room, and I knew it would complement that item.  The jardinière is currently stored away until I can buy a plant for it, but I’m hoping it will eventually land on my family room coffee table or on an English bookcase that we hope to move into the space soon.


Vintage English Pine Cabinet

My last find was actually my first purchase.  I had seen this cabinet shared on Instagram stories by Vintage Pickin’ Events, and I thought it might work for our powder room.  I have a weakness for pine!  Also, we needed some closed storage in the form of a narrow piece to replace a table that was temporarily in that space.  I measured it as soon as I walked into the Sweetwater General booth.  (Tip:  It is a good idea to bring a tape measurer to antique shows.  Dealers may have one, but you might need to make a decision quickly depending on the crowds.)  It would work!  As soon as I get finished with prepping the kitchen for the holidays, I plan to setup this cabinet in its new home.  Stay tuned for that blog post.  Click here to shop vintage English pine pieces.

One drawer over one door vintage English pine cabinet sitting in front of built-in shelves filled with antiques


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Fall 2022 Vintage Pickin’ Purchases

As soon as I left Fort Payne to head home, I was already thinking about how excited I am to shop the next Vintage Pickin’ event.  The antiques and vintage pieces I found are perfect for my home.  The time I spent meeting and catching up with antique-loving friends means just a little more than it did pre-pandemic.  The joy I felt leaving is all due to April’s vision.  I told her the hard work paid off, and I meant that tenfold!


Vintage pine cabinet, dried hydrangeas, terracotta pots

(This last image features a vignette from House Haberdashery.  We’ve been friends on Instagram for several years, and I just love that Vintage Pickin’ allowed us to finally meet in person.)


Have you shopped Vintage Pickin’ before?  What Vintage Pickin’ find of mine is your favorite?


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