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My Vintage Pickin’ Spring Market Finds

If you love antiques and have not had the chance to attend Vintage Pickin’ in Fort Payne, Alabama, I recommend putting it on your antiquing bucket list.  The hometown atmosphere and the variety of quality vintage finds and antiques puts it on my list of favorite antique shows to shop every year.


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House Haberdashery's booth at Vintage Pickin'

House Haberdashery


Backroad Antiques's booth at Vintage Pickin'

Backroad Antiques


Barefoot Vintage's booth at Vintage Pickin'

Barefoot Vintage


In terms of the location, Fort Payne is a short drive from several capital cities – Nashville (2.5 hours), Atlanta (2.25 hours), and Birmingham (1.5 hours).  Additionally, it is only a 17-minute drive from a little mountain town that I only discovered last year, Mentone, with access to lots of outdoor activities.  If you live too far for Vintage Pickin’ to be a day-trip, then you can certainly add on one of these destination cities when planning your trip.  Personally, I like to stay for a night or two in the area, if I can, and do some shopping on the way down and back home.  This year I stopped in Huntsville and found the perfect English pine shelf at Hartlex Antique Gallery to help me complete one of my Spring Home Project Goals, my coffee bar.


Hanging English pine shelf in Hartlex Antique Gallery


In terms of timing, the antique show is held twice a year, once in the spring and once in the fall.  I have had the privilege to shop Vintage Pickin’ for multiple years; however, this is the first year I have been able to shop the Vintage Pickin’ Spring Market.  Both seasonal shows are worth attending, with the only difference I noticed being a few vendor changes.


The Cotton Shed booth at Vintage Pickin' Spring Market


What I Bought at Vintage Pickin’ Spring Market

Once I got home and put most of my Vintage Pickin’ Spring Market finds in one grouping, I noticed some of my buying trends. Wooden items—picture frames, architectural salvage, carved items—seemed to dominate the pile, followed by brass, books, and wicker.  Iron pieces, mainly for outdoor decorating, made up a large group of my findings as well.  Of course, I found a piece of ironstone that spoke to me, in addition to a cute leather item, and even a linen top.


Antique finds from the Vintage Pickin' Spring Market


Besides the books, which I am hoping to use in a built-in shelf, I did not immediately have a plan for each piece I bought.  I bought items that spoke to me and thought the decorating inspiration would come once I got home.  No find was too big to not be able to be utilized in any room of my home.


Some pieces I found on the first day of the show, and some pieces I purchased on the morning of the second day before I returned home.  Below I share what I bought at the Vintage Pickin’ Spring Market, listed alphabetically by vendor:


AGED FUSION—carved door and iron cart


Carved salvaged door found at Vintage Pickin' Spring Market


Bird carving on antique door


Vintage, white iron, flower cart from Vintage Pickin'


BACKROAD ANTIQUES—leather footstool


Leather footstool from Backroad Antiques




Antique Brass Crumb Pan


BLUEGRASS MARKET—iron planter, carved leaf plaque, and wooden jewelry box


Antique cast iron planter


Carved Leaf Plaque found at Vintage Pickin' Spring Market


Antique carved jewelry box from Vintage Pickin'


CROSSROADS 35173—books and wooden bookends


Vintage books and wooden bookends


HIGH COTTON CO.—iron plant stand


HOMEGROWN STUDIO—iron plant stand, wicker doll chair


Pair of vintage, black iron, plant stands


Vintage white wicker doll chair


HOUSE HABERDASHERY—cast iron finials, small basket, Hamlet, framed floral prints


Vintage basket, frames, and cast iron finials


HOUSE OF 5—Jane Eyre, Bible, wooden finial


Vintage Jane Eyre, Bible, and Finial from Vintage Pickin'


KREATIVE—candlesticks, compass, picture frames


Finds from the Vintage Pickin' Spring Market




Linen top on Vintage Pickin' shopper




Antique Brass Mirror


MY VINTAGE HEART—ironstone compote, wicker stool, brass easel


ironstone compote found at Vintage Pickin'


Chippy white, wicker stool found at Vintage Pickin' Spring Market


vintage brass easel


THE COTTON SHED—cloche and wooden mold


Cloche and antique mold found at Vintage Pickin'


THE FARM HOUSE—brass lamp


Vintage brass lamp

My Vintage Pickin’ Spring Market Favorite Find

As you can see from the number of vendors I purchased from above, there are many great vendors at Vintage Pickin’, usually 60+ ranging from antique dealers to boutique owners.  Obviously, I found a lot of treasures from them this spring, so many treasures that I had a hard time declaring a favorite find. My first thought was the vintage brass easel, then I thought of the brass mirror, then the cast iron planter, then the carved door, then the cloche and mold . . . then, well, I decided there is no need to declare a favorite. I love them all!


Which of my Vintage Pickin’ Spring Market finds stands out to you?


Antique booth at Vintage Pickin'


If you were not able to shop Vintage Pickin’ this year, be sure to make plans to shop the Vintage Pickin’ Fall Market.  Are you curious if the inventory vendors bring is similar or different than the spring show?  Check out my finds from last year’s fall show at What I Bought at Vintage Pickin’.  And if seeing all of these treasures made you want to go antiquing, check out my Antiques Shop Page for some online pieces that have caught my eye recently.


Happy Antiquing!


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  1. Cristie says:

    I love ❤️ everything you bought!!! But if I had to choose 1 it’d be the Brass candle stick lamp, because I’ve never seen one like it!
    You really scored some wonderful treasures❣️