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Fall Decor Trends That I’m Loving — Woven Pumpkins and Dried Florals

My go-to décor item is an antique, but I love to mix new items into my home for freshness when I can, especially when they blend so nicely with antique décor.  I have to tell you that when it comes to mixing with antiques, the fall décor trends available this season do NOT disappoint!  I’m seeing woven pumpkins and dried florals at several retail shops, and these natural elements have an authenticity that go hand-in-hand with antiques.  I must say I am getting on board with these two fall décor trends!


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Graphic image with pale blue floral background with a dried wheat wreath centered and flanked by two woven pumpkins on each side


Woven Pumpkins are Trending This Fall

The woven pumpkins available for purchase this fall vary in prices, materials, and even function.  The ones I found start at $5 and stop at just shy of $100, so options are available for every budget.  They are made of grapevine, husks, rattan, seagrass, or chipwood.  Some are created to display on a shelf or tabletop, while others are lanterns.  I can imagine pairing these on the table with ironstone to create a beautiful wood and white centerpiece or adding the lanterns to a corner of the room flanked by a mum potted in a stoneware crock.


Graphic with pale blue background and woven pumpkins in the foreground


Dried Florals are Trending This Fall

The seasonal trend of using dried florals really makes me happy!  For years, I have typically preferred fresh or dry flowers in my home décor, as I find it hard to source a faux plant that appeals to me.  Maybe this is the antique dealer in me, preferring authentic when possible?  Whatever the case, the florals I found come in ready-made bouquets and wreaths, or you can purchase individual bundles and create your own look.


Graphic with pale blue background and dried florals (stems and wreaths) in the foreground


Shop the Fall Decor Trends

I have found several examples of woven pumpkins and dried florals and included them below for your shopping convenience.

Fall Decor Trends

While my focus right now is organizing my house for the holidays and preparing for guests, I could not pass up these trends of woven pumpkins and dried florals for fall decorating.  I will say, too, that I did find a few honorable mentions while I was shopping.  This wooden leaf garland and zinc leaf garland are worth sharing.  What is your favorite décor trend this fall?

If you purchase one of these trending items and use it in your fall décor, I’d love for you to share it and tag me on Instagram @inheritedandco.  Happy Fall Decorating!

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