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5 Easy-To-Find Antiques to Use in Your Fall Decor

When it comes to fall, there are a handful of antiques that I typically always incorporate into my home décor.  The plus side of these particular antiques, especially for those who might be starting their antique collections, is that all of them are very easy to source.  Most every antique mall or flea market will have several of the following items available for purchase—brown transferware, copper, stoneware, weathered metal, and baskets.  In a mere thirty-minute shopping excursion, you could have everything you need to complete your fall decorating.


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A background photo of built-in shelves layered with brown and cream-toned antiques with a graphic on top that has the blog title listed


Brown Transferware

Brown transferware has long been my favorite color of transferware to collect, and if I think of the reason, it probably has to do with the fact that it exudes warmth.  The color psychology behind brown highlights that, yes, it is used to create warmth as well as comfort.  Well, that is fall, right?  The fall season is a time of cozy, connection, and the comforts of home, making brown transferware the go-to shade of transferware to use in this season.


Large antique brown transferware pitcher in the background with a smaller brown transferware pitcher in the foreground and to the left with a quilted pumpkin on the right



In the same line of thinking, antique copper is perfect for fall decorating with its warm orangish-brown tone.  The color emulates the shades of falling leaves during this time of year.  Can you get any more perfect of an antique for this season?   Plus, another aspect of copper that makes it ideal for fall decorating is its patina.  As copper ages and is exposed to elements, it develops a lovely green hue.  If you can find a piece that shows a combination of brown and green, this layering of color aligns beautifully with the layering that the fall weather beckons.


An antique stoneware ink bottle, Dundee marmalade jar, and round copper lidded box in the foreground with two antique brown transferware plates in the background



With fall décor typically incorporating earth tones, it makes sense that stoneware, being made from clay, is an appropriate choice during this season.  More importantly, though, most stoneware crocks and bottles can be found in mustard and shades of brown, those lovely fall colors.  Even the cream pieces, have a warmer tone to them that goes beautifully with this season.


Two built-in white shelves filled with antiques such as brown transferware baskets stoneware weathered metal copper dried corn and a quilt pumpkin


Weathered Metal

Again, color is the main motivation behind my recommendation to use antique weathered metal in your fall décor.  I think of red maple leaves, and I think of the reddish hues of rust.  With this type of antique, you can potentially find pieces that align more with the activities of the season too, like maple sap buckets or antique farm implements associated with harvesting.  (Note:  Handle these items with care, making sure you don’t get scratched, and consider sealing them.)


Rusty filagree vase filled with dried corn next to two antique brown transferware pitchers and a quilted pumpkin



My last suggestion of an antique to use in your fall décor is less about color than the previous suggestions.  Antique baskets are a great way to add texture to your fall décor.  Texture helps boost the cozy factor instantly!  While any antique basket can work, I would steer you towards harvest baskets to align with the reason for the season.


Two white built-in shelves filled with antiques such as brown transferware plates and pitchers, stoneware, harvest baskets, and weathered metal


Shop the Antiques

I have found several examples of my suggested five antiques and included them below for your shopping convenience.


Antiques with Warm Colors and Texture for Fall

This list of antiques to use in your fall decor is not exhaustive.  These particular items are easier to find by someone not in the antiques industry, which is why I am sharing them.  The main connection that most of them have to the season is color, and with that connection, even the beginning collector should be able to blend them with his or her current fall décor palette of brown, orange, mustard, and red.  While brown transferware, copper, stoneware, and weathered metal all have the potential to add a textured element in your fall décor, the harvest basket offers the easiest way of the five suggested antiques.  Which antique is your favorite to use in fall decorating?


Two built-in white shelves filled with antiques such as brown transferware baskets stoneware weathered metal copper dried corn and a quilt pumpkin


If you incorporate one of my suggested antiques in your fall décor, I’d love for you to share it and tag me on Instagram @inheritedandco.  Happy Fall Decorating!


Two built-in white shelves filled with antiques such as brown transferware baskets stoneware weathered metal copper dried corn and a quilt pumpkin with a graphic below that has the blog title listed

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