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2022 Holiday Gift Guides

As much as some people love gift giving, others can find it quite stressful.  I fall in the former group.  I love gift giving, and I had fun assembling these gift guides for you.  What follows is a list of gift ideas for both him and her.  I have separated the items by pricing (highest to lowest) and given you a few notes on who specifically might enjoy the items.  Hopefully, if you fall in the latter group, these gift guides will ease your stress and help you enjoy the holiday season a little more. Happy Shopping!


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Gift Guide for Her

Graphic with brown background that reads "Gift Guide for Her Inherited and Co." featuring a collage of gift ideas such as marble canisters, personalized doormat, embroidered journal, and more


Everything pictured in the gift guide above is listed below.  One suggestion that is not pictured that you might want to consider for any woman in your life (sister, daughter, mother, aunt, friend, and etc.) is personalized jewelry.  I have a monogrammed ring from this shop that I love.  It is dainty, on-trend, budget friendly, and made from sterling silver.  She makes beautiful necklaces and more.  Great stocking stuffer too!


Gifts For Her Over $100

  • Suede Pumps – My personal favorite style at Sarah Flint. Use my brand ambassador code SARAHFLINT-BALAUREN50 for $50 off your first purchase.  Comes in many colors.  For the fashionista. For the woman who appreciates craftsmanship.
  • Dutch Oven – For the cook.  For the new homeowner.
  • Woven Tray – For mothers and grandmothers to enjoy breakfast in bed.  For the woman who works from home.
  • Clutch – A classic look that will be in your wardrobe for years.  Comes in tan, green, and navy.  I have the tan, and I love the size!
  • Marble Canister Set – Marble anything has always been my go-to “nice” gift for any woman.  This set is great for the organizer.
  • Cutting Board – I have this is my kitchen and love it. Quite large! For the cook. For the new homeowner.
  • Wood Coffee Grinder – For the coffee connoisseur. For the nostalgic.


Gifts For Her Under $100

  • Charging Pad – Available in multiple sizes and price points.  Check here for the different options.  For the teenager. For the tech-lover.
  • Gingham Sweatshirt – Comes in many shades! For the woman who loves cozy and preppy style.
  • Silk Scarf – For the special woman in your life.  For the woman who appreciates little luxuries.


Gifts For Her Under $50

  • Wooden Candlesticks – For the woman who likes to decorate and stay cozy.
  • Jute Tote – I use mine for storing my Bible and journal in.   Even if I leave it on the couch or bedroom door, it will look like decor and not clutter.
  • Custom Doormat – I bought this item a few years ago for my parents.  I also think it would be a good choice for someone who has a lot of guests over, as well as a new homeowner.
  • Hydro Flask – For the woman who is focusing on her health and water intake.  I personally take mine everywhere, and I love the thinner handle because it allows me to head out of the door with multiple items in my hand.
  • Mini Rose Box – For the woman who appreciates little luxuries.  For the woman who has everything. Hostess gift idea.  Mine have lasted well beyond the one-year mark.
  • Hydrangea Coffee Mug – I love mine!  Use it everyday.  Perfect for the gardener, grandmillennial, and coffee drinker.
  • Embroidered Journal – For the reflective woman. For the woman who loves to sew. For the teenager or college student.
  • Woven Vase – This vase has been a must-have since it launched!  For the woman who loves having all of the latest trends.


Gifts For Her Under $25

  • Zipper Pouches – Store makeup and more in these. For the teenager. For the college student. For the organizer. For the teacher.
  • Marble Coasters – For the entertainer. Hostess gift idea. For your friend.
  • Apothecary Candle – For the woman who loves all things cozy.  For the unexpected holiday guest. Great stocking stuffer!
  • Ice Roller – As someone who has sensitive skin, I love this item for helping to calm it down.  Great stocking stuffer!
  • Marble Salt Cellar – I have my salt in a white one and my pepper in a black one.  For the cook. Hostess gift idea. Great stocking stuffer!
  • Walnut Cheese Knives – For the entertainer.  Hostess gift idea.  Great stocking stuffer!
  • Cheese Markers – For the entertainer. Hostess gift idea.  Great stocking stuffer!
  • Dish Towels – Comes in many colors. For the cook. For mothers and grandmothers.
  • Tissue Box Cover – For grandparents or a mother of young children. Great stocking stuffer!
  • Gift of the Sea – A classic book that should be on every woman’s bookshelf.  There is a lot of wisdom packed in these few pages.
  • Cotton Napkins – Comes in a set of two.  For the entertainer. Hostess gift idea.


Gift Guide for Him

Graphic with brown background that reads "Gift Guide for Him Inherited and Co." that features a collage of gift ideas from shoes to a smoker


Like the Gift Guide for Her, the Gift Guide for Him features many items that we personally own or are on our personal wish lists.  One of my husband’s favorite Christmas gifts that he received from me was the phone charging station.  I have featured two sizes (and therefore two price points) in the image above–the Italian leather charging pad with valet tray plus the classic in saddle brown.  There are many colors and sizes besides these two.  You can shop them here.


Gifts For Him Over $100

  • Apple Watch – For the athlete or man focused on health.
  • Massage Gun – Great for the gym guy.
  • Cooler Backpack – For the hiker and outdoorsman.
  • Wingtip Oxfords – A classic shoe that every man needs in his closet.  My husband loves this brand and has several.
  • Smoker – My husband made the best smoked turkey in this for Thanksgiving last year.  For the cook or foodie.  For the man who wants to make smoked ribs for the big game.
  • Jersey Pullover – This is my husband’s go-to shirt for the office in the cooler months. Comes in more colors.
  • Nike Shoes – For the sneaker lover.


Gifts For Him Under $100

  • Leather Frame – Leather anything is my go-to “nice” gift for the men in my life.
  • Lantern – For the camper. For the nostalgic.
  • Leather Catchall – For the man who needs a place to toss his keys and wallet at the end of the day.
  • Hot Sauce – For the cook or foodie.
  • Oak Tape Dispenser – For the teacher. For the man who works from home. Plus, I have this and love it myself!
  • Timex – Reminded me of my grandfather who never went without his.  For the nostalgic.
  • Personalized Cufflinks – For the businessman. Great idea for dad.  Great stocking stuffer!


Gifts For Him Under $50


Gifts For Him Under $25





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