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My Fall 2023 Antique and Vintage Finds

Now that the holidays are behind, and we are in the thick of winter, I thought it would be fun to look back at my antique and vintage finds from this past season.  My goal for Fall 2023 was to save money and limit my spending on antiques by focusing only on what was needed for specific house projects.



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"My Fall 2023 Antique and Vintage Finds"



Those house projects centered around our primary suite, including a bathroom vanity organization project and closet organization project, so the antique and vintage finds I ended up with this season were ones mainly for those undertakings plus the bedroom.  However, one find was for entertaining, and it is my favorite find of the season!


Below I have sorted them into the vintage finds versus the antique finds:


My Vintage Finds

The newer of my old finds I ended up with this fall were two vanity trays and a pair of lamps.  (If you are curious about the difference between “vintage” versus “antique,” be sure to check out my post, Should You Use Antiques When Decorating?)


(1) Pair of Brass Lamps

I have wanted a matching pair of vintage lamps for our bedroom for a while, and I have tried a marble set that I already own in that space.  The white marble with our white nightstands and white walls did not read well.  I wanted something with contrast, so I was on the search for vintage brass.  After missing a couple of sets on Marketplace, I decided to check out Etsy.


Vintage Brass Lamp


This lacquered brass pair of lamps stood out to me because of the shape.  The urn-shape read traditional which I liked.  It took me a while to decide on a shade for them, as I kept debating on a pleated and patterned one versus a woven and scalloped one from one of my favorite home décor retailers.  Ultimately, I thought the woven shade worked best in the space overall.  I am still tweaking the décor for the nightstands and bedroom, so be on the lookout for those posts in the future.


Vintage Brass Lamp with the Ballard Designs Isla Print Pleated Lamp Shade


A brass vintage find


Ballard Designs woven lamp shade on a vintage brass lamp


(2) Vanity Trays

Vintage vanity trays were not on my list of must-have items.  I was on the search for some barware and hatstands in Three French Hens when I found them.  Since I had just completed my bathroom vanity, these vintage finds were on my mind.  I spotted the glass one first.  I loved the scallops and fairly compact size.


vintage glass vanity tray


vintage wicker vanity tray


I have a weakness for wicker, so when I found a wicker one at a great price, I grabbed it too.  My thought was to try them on the bathroom vanities, my dressing table, and our nightstands.  For now, the wicker one is keeping my husband’s cologne corralled on his bathroom countertop, and I am hoping to do the same with the glass one on my dressing table.  (I have worn the same scent since high school, and one of my hopes for 2024 is to find an additional perfume or two I like.)


Men's cologne in a vintage wicker vanity tray


My Antique Finds

While I was excited about the vintage finds, the antiques I found this fall really got me excited and motivated to finish out some spaces in our home.


(3) Hat Stands

From the moment I started my closet organization project, I knew I wanted to use some old hat stands in the space.  I had one, but I wanted a trio or a pair to put on the shelf in front of the window in there.  My search for them started in the summer, and I was not having much luck at the local antique stores, until I visited Spring Hill Antique Mall.  I probably saw close to ten in that store, with these two coming from two different vendors.  The mix of white and brown was perfect for my closet, and I am looking forward to finding the remaining items I want for that window vignette.


Pair of antique, wooden, hat stands


(4) English Pine Plate Rack

As I was working on my medicine cabinet organization, I kept thinking of what I wanted to do with the wall above it.  Should I do artwork?  Should I put some ironstone or transferware pieces on the wall?  Then, I saw this English pine plate rack listed on Marketplace one night.


Antique English Pine Plate Rack


The price was higher than I wanted to pay, but surprisingly it did not sell right away like most pine pieces I spot on the platform.  When the seller lowered the price point, I decided to double check the measurements above the medicine cabinet nook.  The rack would work there, and in several other bathrooms!  I bought it thinking it would be a cool way to display some of my antique toothbrush holders.  Hanging the pine rack has been added to my list of home projects that I will work on this winter, so for now, I still have my Vintage Pickin’ finds on top of the medicine cabinet.


(5) Transferware Napkin Rings

To say I am giddy about this last antique find is an understatement, not only are these brown transferware napkin rings beautiful, but a set in this exact pattern had previously slipped through my hands.  Thanksgiving before last, I was preparing to host the holiday at our house once again (after moving and dealing with home building setbacks), and I was excitedly planning my tablescape.  I had come across this Royal Staffordshire set online, but a family crisis arose before I could purchase them.  When my focus turned back to antique and vintage finds, the set had sold and my searching at that time produced no leads on another set.


Set of 8 brown transferware napkin rings


However, this fall when searching for an entirely different item, I came across a vendor who had three of these Royal Staffordshire napkin rings, followed by a second vendor who had a set of four and a lone napkin ring.  To go from thinking my chances of finding another set of four rings again would be slim to being able to compile a set of eight in the same pattern, let’s just say “Dinner party at my place!”  I cannot wait to use these on my tablescapes for years to come.


Brown Transferware Napkin Rings, a favorite antique and vintage fall find


Vintage Floral Napkin Rings


"Royal Staffordshire" transferware napkin rings


Brown Transferware napkin ring


Brown Transferware napkin rings


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My Favorite Fall Find

I bought far fewer antiques and vintage finds this past fall than is typical, but I am very pleased with the items I did purchase.  The hat stands and pair of lamps were finds I had on my “To Buy” List for a long time, and it felt good to check them off the list.  The vanity trays helped round out my bathroom vanity project, and I think the English pine rack will do the same when I finish my medicine cabinet organization project.  My favorite find of fall was the set of eight Royal Staffordshire brown transferware napkin rings that I was able to piece together from two different dealers.



Which of my fall antique and vintage finds is your favorite?  What were your favorite finds from this past season?

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