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Six MUST-HAVE Bathroom Vanity Organizers

Multiple mornings in a row recently, I woke up and immediately felt stress when walking into my bathroom, so I took this as a sign to put all other home projects on the back burner until I had found the proper bathroom vanity organizers to regain order in this space (and, ultimately, my peace).


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"Six MUST-HAVE Bathroom Vanity Organizers"


My bathroom vanity consists of six drawers—two narrow and four deep—and two cabinet doors leading to the under-sink area.  When we moved into the new house, I separated items by putting like things into each drawer and utilizing storage containers from our previous bathroom.  In our previous home, the bathroom vanities were configured differently (as was the linen closet that held more than its share), and this change was ultimately the reason I ended up needing a better organization system in my new bathroom vanity.


Disorganized bathroom vanity countertop


Bathroom vanity drawer with organizers but no labels


Disorganized bathroom vanity deep drawer


Messy under-sink cabinet in a bathroom vanity


Below you will find a list of six must-have bathroom vanity organizers, along with ways to take full advantage of each:


Organizers for Your Bathroom Vanity Drawers

Without proper organizers, vanity drawers can become a jumbled mess.  This mess can mean minutes wasted trying to find the proper item, wasted money if you cannot find the desired item and purchase another, and unnecessary added stress to your day.  To fully optimize these small spaces, it helps to see where everything is quickly upon opening the drawer.


(1) Shallow Drawer Organizers

For your shallow drawers, consider mix and match organizers, as your needs could change over time.  The brand I choose is one I have used for years, and I was able to easily purchase some varying sizes to fit my needs of today.  They are two inches in height and fit perfectly inside my smaller drawers.


I chose plastic (BPA-free) organizers, as opposed to my favorite acacia organizers, because of the water, creams, and other liquids these organizers would be exposed to in the bathroom.


To finish off these drawer organizers, I added labels.


Shallow Drawer Bathroom Vanity Organizers

Plastic Drawer Organizers | Drawer Clip Labels


Organized make-up drawer

Plastic Drawer Organizers | Drawer Clip Labels


Drawer Clip Label

Drawer Clip Labels


(2) Zippered Bags

The second item that I recommend in organizing your bathroom vanity is a zippered bag.  While this pouch could be used in both shallow and deep drawers, I used mine in my deeper drawers.  I also used a variety of pouches—small linen, large linen, and small jute.  Honestly, I feel like these were the “game-changers” in this space. Because my deep drawers are narrow, my organization options were limited.  These zippered pouches allowed me to utilize a space that would have been difficult to find a bin or basket to fit.  I used them to wrangle loose items, such as hair ribbons, curler clips, and nail polish.


Because each of my drawers is categorized—Face, Body, Everyday Hair, Styled Hair—I did not label these bags.  Once I have lived with these bags for a while, I might have them monogrammed or attempt an embroidered label myself.  This is just a personal preference.  You could always get tags for the zipper or a sticker label.


Organized Bathroom Vanity Drawer with body products like lotion and epsom salt

Linen Pouches


Zippered Pouches for Organizing Bathroom Drawers

Linen Pouches


(3) Baskets

Lightweight baskets are another excellent bathroom vanity organizer, especially in your deeper drawers.  Mine are several years old.  I honestly cannot remember where I purchased them, but there is a line at Target that has several lighter-weight deep baskets that would have worked if I had not had these.


I like baskets to hold sets, like my curlers.  This way when I go to curl my hair, I can remove the entire basket and place it on my countertop for ease of use.


Baskets are also good at protecting fragile items that might get banged up inside a disorganized and jumbled drawer.  I used one to hold my LED Light Therapy Mask.


Additionally, a basket can help you take better advantage of vertical space.  My hairdryer can now stand upright, allowing me to have space for some shampoo backstock.  Before, the hairdryer was awkward and taking up unnecessary space when stored horizontally.


Organized Drawer of Hair Styling Products

Large Linen Pouch | Jute Pouch


Organized Drawer of curlers and curling irons


An organized bathroom vanity drawer with facial cleaning products

Jute Pouch | LED Light Therapy Mask


Bathroom Vanity Organizers for Your Cabinets

The problem with bathroom vanity cabinets is they usually lead to the sink plumbing.  However, if your vanity is configured differently and you have shelves, I would recommend baskets and labels to make the back of the cabinets easily accessible.


(4) Waterproof Stackable Drawers

Otherwise, if your cabinet opens to the sink plumbing like mine, I would recommend getting waterproof drawers, just in case there is a leak.  I would also add the recommendation of making sure they are stackable.  Under-sink areas usually have a narrow vertical space somewhere that can be taken advantage.  Though, because everyone’s sink plumbing is different (and can even be different from your matching bathroom vanity plumbing), measure multiple times before ordering your stackable drawers.


Since under-sink storage is not as easy to access as your vanity drawers, these stackable drawers can hold items that you do not need to access frequently.  I used them to hold my backstock, steamer, and feminine products.  Travel items would also be good in these organizers.


To label these acrylic drawers, I opted for handwriting the label directly on the drawer with a chalk marker.  The chalk marker allows for versatility (easily wiped off) should I choose to reorganize these in the future.  If these organizers will be touched frequently or by little hands, I would recommend a more permanent label.


Under-sink, Waterproof, Bathroom Vanity Organizers

Large Plastic Drawers | Small Plastic Drawers | Chalk Marker


Bathroom Countertop Organizers

Bathroom vanity organizers for the countertop are more so where the décor side of organizing can come into play.  Pretty containers on the countertops will make the bathroom more inviting.


(5) Glass Canisters

The easiest way to add pretty without heaviness when it comes to bathroom vanity organizers is by using glass canisters.  I used a set of five glass canisters for our bathroom—three on my vanity and two on my husband’s vanity.  The three on my vanity hold cotton balls, q-tips, and sponges.  The other two hold backstock of soaps.  These ordinary bathroom items instantly become décor by adding texture and color, plus I can easily see when I need to go shopping. Win win!


Glass Canisters for Bathroom Organizing

Glass Canisters


Body Soap Backstock in Glass Canisters

Glass Canisters


Glass Canisters with sponges, q-tips, and cotton balls on a bathroom countertop

Glass Canisters


(6) Vintage and Antique Items

Last put not least, I think every space needs an antique or vintage item.  The bathroom is no exception.  Antiques add instant coziness and character.


As a quick place to toss my earrings and other jewelry, I have an ironstone relish dish.  Two French pharmacy jars and an early treen hold hair ties and clips that I use regularly.


repurposed ironstone relish dish

Glass Canisters | Ironstone Relish Dish


Ironstone Relish Dish used as a jewelry catch

Ironstone Relish Dish | Floral Earrings from Shop Moss


French Pharmacy Jars and an ironstone pitchers used for organization and decor on a bathroom countertop


Antique items used for bathroom vanity organization

French Pharmacy Jars | Early Treen


Organized and Decorated Bathroom Vanity


Organized Bathroom Vanity with antique finds


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Benefits of Utilizing Bathroom Vanity Organizers

Now that I have utilized these six, bathroom vanity organizers, my space feels better.  Every item has a home, and the countertops are not covered with clutter or drawers a jumbled mess.  Getting ready is more relaxing and takes less time.  I love how an organized home can make life easier.


If you are inspired to organize your bathroom vanity, I would love to see your completed project.  Be sure to tag me @inheritedadco in your photo.

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