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Walk-in Closet Organization — The Professionally Organized Look in 5 Easy Steps

Take your walk-in closet from cluttered to the professionally organized look in five easy steps.  I followed these steps a few weeks ago, and my closet feels so beautiful and functional now.  It had gotten to the point where I would walk into my closet to get ready or put away laundry, and since the closet lacked the proper organizing systems, I felt such stress.  Since doing laundry and getting dressed are daily tasks, I knew I had to make my walk-in closet organization a priority for my peace of mind.  If you are in a similar spot and craving an organized closet, see the five steps below:


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"Walk-in Closet Organization--The Professionally Organized Look in 5 Easy Steps"


Before photo of a disorganized walk-in closet


(1) Use Matching Hangers


The first step in making a walk-in closet look professionally organized is using matching hangers.  Automatically, the closet will look pulled together because of the single color running throughout the space.  I chose to use wooden hangers as opposed to plastic hangers to elevate the look even further.


As you are switching out the hangers, take this opportunity to pull any clothes that you would like to donate.  Consider donating articles of clothing (to places like Goodwill, Salvation Army, local thrift stores, and churches) that no longer fit you, that you have not worn in several seasons, and that you bought because they fit but you do not like wearing.


matching wooden hangers in a closet


(2) Place Like Items Together


Once you have all of your hangers switched to matching ones, the second step to attaining the professionally organized look in your walk-in closet is to place like items together.  There are two ways to look at this task—seasonally and by type.


  • Seasonal—If you have the space available in your walk-in closet, create a section with your spring and summer clothes and one for your fall and winter clothes. The visual appeal to doing this task is having similar textures grouped together.  The functional advantage is finding an item quicker than if you had all of your clothes mixed together.


  • Type—Once your clothes are arranged by seasons, arrange again by type of clothing within that season. For example, place tank tops together, short sleeve blouses together, short sleeve t-shirts together, etc.


I even did these steps with my shoes! What I love about this step of placing like items together, seasonally and by type, is how it helps you become more intentional with your clothes shopping.  I can easily see that I need more flat sandals next summer and more dressy tops for this fall and winter.  Instead of buying a new coat or new dress shoes because I like them, I will save that money for an item that I need to round out my wardrobe.


Short Sleeve T-shirts in Hers Closet


Long sleeve t-shirts and sweatshirts in an organized closet


Dresses, pants, and bins in an organized closet


Built-in Shoe Tower in a Walk-in Closet


Long-sleeve, button-up shirts in a closet


(3) Color Coordinate


Now, this step can be combined with the previous one if you so choose.  No matter what order you complete this task in, color coordinating your walk-in closet is a game changer when it comes to making your closet look like a professional organized it.  Plus, even better, this step is one you can do without spending any money!


Arrange clothes by a chosen color scheme, whether that is rainbow or otherwise; just make the scheme consistent throughout the closet.  To clarify, in combination with the previous step, I placed each individual type of clothing (i.e. sweatshirts, tank tops, etc.) in a color scheme, meaning you would see multiple rainbows within each seasonal section.


Tops arranged by color in a closet


Organized Closet


(4) Add Bins and Labels


Not every article of clothing will fit on a hanger, so this is where adding bins and labels comes into organizing your walk-in closet.  Plus, you have accessories, like purses and belts, that you will need to find a home for as well.


Bins and labels will allow you to neatly display items that would look messy on their own on a shelf.  For example, I previously had leggings stacked on the shelves, and if I grabbed a pair in the middle of the stack in a haste, the stack would look in complete disarray.  The advantage to a bin full of leggings is that the inside can be messy but look neatly organized from the outside.


When selecting your bins, remember to keep aesthetics in mind if you are wanting a professionally organized look.  Eight of my bins were almost a decade old, but I was able to find several that coordinated well with them.  My color scheme for my bins was creams and woods, helping to tie in my new matching hangers too.


Burlap and canvas organized bins labeled "winter lounge" and "summer lounge"


Woven bin labeled "summer purses"


Labeled bins in an organized walk-in closet


Canvas and woven bins in an organized closet


An Organized Walk-in Closet for Her


(5) Create a Unique Display


Lastly, consider implementing a unique display in your walk-in closet.  I love when professional organizers display an article of clothing as if it is artwork or use a unique container for storage.  These ideas elevate the space.


My unique display came out of a need to see my scarves so I would remember what I had and actually wear them.  I used the extra space in my cardigan and jacket section and tied the scarves around the rod.


Unique scarves display in a walk-in closet


Recreate the Professionally Organized Walk-in Closet Look


Do you like the pieces I used in my walk-in closet organization project?  I have linked everything in the images below for your shopping ease.


A walk-in closet with a professionally organized look


Rattan Bins  |  Canvas Bins  | Jute Bins  |  Oak Bins

Wooden Hangers (for tops and for pants)  |  Birch Labels  |  Chalk Marker


An Organized Walk-in Closet


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The Professionally Organized Walk-in Closet Look

When I walk into my closet now, I feel at peace.  I can easily see an outfit to wear or put away a basket of folded clothes.  Plus, I have the added bonus of being more intentional with my clothes shopping.


A Professional-looking Organized Walk-in Closet


View from bathroom into an organized closet with shoe tower


My next plan for this space is to replace the light fixture and add some antique décor.  Subscribe to my newsletter, so you do not miss seeing the next phase of my walk-in closet.


If you are inspired to organize your walk-in closet, I would love to see the completed project.  Be sure to tag me @inheritedadco in your photo.  Happy Organizing!

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