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Water Carafe Turned Mouthwash Dispenser

As an antiques dealer, I love looking at an item from a by-gone era and reimagining a use for it today.  However, an item does not have to be antique for its purpose to be reimagined.  Modern items can be repurposed as well.  This is the case with my recent purchase of a bedside water carafe.


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Empty Water Carafe and an ironstone pitcher



What Container Can I Put Mouthwash In?

As I was organizing my bathroom vanity, I was having trouble deciding where my bottle of mouthwash would go.  Ideally, I wanted to have easy access to it, but it did not fit upright in my deeper drawers and was too large to take up space in my shallow drawers.  The space that it fit the best was under the sink, but that was not ideal for ease of use. I knew it would be easiest to use if it were on my bathroom vanity countertops, but I wanted to somehow make it look prettier.  How could I turn an ordinary item like mouthwash into a décor element in my bathroom?


I needed a new vessel for it.  At first, I thought about how my dentist’s office uses plastic cups in the bathroom next to a pump-topped bottle of mouthwash.  The same concept goes for many spas in which I have been.  The question I asked myself was “how could I have this cup concept for my mouthwash dispensing but more permanent and pretty?”  A water carafe came to mind.


A Vintage Style Water Carafe

With that idea in mind, I set out to find a bedside water carafe that had a vintage style.  I wanted one that could work on my vanity as well as my husband’s vanity, meaning not too feminine.  The good news is that there are several beside water carafes on the market, ranging from modern to bohemian in style.


The one I chose has a sophisticated pattern but at an extremely reasonable price.  It is on the smaller side, which I preferred so it would not dominate my bathroom vanity.  It is seven and a half inches tall.  It holds about half of a large bottle of mouthwash, so about half of a liter.


Water Carafe and Vintage Stoneware on a Bathroom Vanity

Water Carafe


Water Carafe Turned Mouthwash Dispenser


Carafe on a bathroom vanity

Savon Liquide | Water Carafe


Repurposed Beside Water Carafe

Since my bathroom and vanity is largely neutral, I chose to fill the carafe with a mouthwash that would be a pop of color.  Of course, I wanted the color to blend with my décor, so I opted for the  Listerine Ultra Clean Zero Alcohol, which has a nice sky-blue tone to it.  Plus, I have been reading about the benefits of alcohol-free mouthwash and wanted to give it a try.  I also think the original, with its amber hue, would be a great neutral-colored mouthwash to use in the carafe if you prefer the alcohol-based mouthwashes.


Mouthwash dispenser on a bathroom countertop


Beside water carafe used as a mouthwash dispenser


Water carafe repurposed as a mouthwash dispenser


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Bathroom Organization and Decor

Solving the mouthwash dispenser problem was the final step in getting my bathroom vanity area settled.  The countertops are decorated with a little glass, a little vintage, and everyday items.  The next areas to organize in my bathroom are my linen closet and medicine cabinet, plus I will be styling a vintage wicker mannequin in this space as well.  Stay tuned for those upcoming projects.


If you are inspired to turn a bedside water carafe in to a mouthwash dispenser, I would love to see your completed project.  Be sure to tag me @inheritedadco in your photo.

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