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Two Modern Uses For A Vintage Wicker Mannequin

What can you do with a mannequin, particularly a vintage wicker mannequin?  This was the question I contemplated when I spotted one atop a piece of furniture in a perimeter booth at Nashville’s Gaslamp Too recently.  Wicker has always been a texture that I love to put in a room for instant warmth and character, so my eye is usually drawn to wicker pieces when I am shopping.  Since I was working on organizing my closet and primary bathroom, two practical and modern uses for the mannequin came to mind as it relates to those rooms.


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Two Modern Uses for a Vintage Wicker Mannequin


Antique Booth at Gaslamp Too in Nashville, Tennessee

Booth at Gaslamp Too



Vintage Wicker Mannequin with an ironstone pitcher and early treen


Wicker Mannequin as Art

There is a nook in my bathroom, behind my bathroom cabinet, where I have setup a dressing table or vanity space.  An antique pine table with a vintage French blue and white chair occupy the space, but it has largely sat undecorated because of two awkward electrical elements—a GFCI switch and a quadruple toggle light switch plate.


Bathroom Vanity featuring vintage and antique decor


English Pine dressing table topped with antique decor


Antique dressing table in a bathroom


My initial thought was the vintage wicker mannequin is light enough that it could be hung on a wall easily.  I hoped it would be the solution to this awkward wall, with its cinched waist allowing enough space for those electrical panels to remain fully functional.


I went shopping unprepared, without measurements from the tabletop to the wall plates, so I was not sure if the vintage wicker mannequin would function in this capacity for me.  I purchased it anyways knowing the antique mall did not take returns but knowing I do not come across these wicker mannequins often.


If you have a blank wall in a bedroom or bathroom that is in need of art, consider hanging a vintage wicker mannequin on it.  Consider putting it in your guest bedroom or powder bathroom.  Unexpected wall pieces like this exude a sense of style and can be quite the conversation pieces.  They almost have a museum artifact feel to them when displayed like this, which I think is the appeal.  Of course, it could be left alone or adorned with unique accessories for added pizazz.


Vintage Wicker Mannequin with a pearl necklace


Styled Vintage Mannequin


Wicker Tabletop Mannequin


Tabletop Mannequin


Wicker Mannequin as Accessories Drop Zone

Unfortunately, the space between the bottom of the mannequin and the tabletop made the function of the dressing table clunky; therefore, I tested my next idea for this vintage find.  This vintage wicker mannequin could be quite practical and functional used as an accessories drop zone.


Accessories Drop Zone using vintage and antique items


Drop zone for accessories featuring vintage items



Some days are harder than others to keep clutter at bay, with the need for rest outweighing the need for tidiness.  My thought was it would be just as easy to toss my scarf on the mannequin instead of a nearby surface at the end of a long day until I could properly store it.  The benefit would be my scarf on the mannequin would look purposeful and styled instead of cluttered and messy like the scarf on my nightstand might look.


My hope was the vintage wicker mannequin would fit on a tall shelf in my closet, but unfortunately the measurements did not quite work.  If your closet allows for such a piece, it would be quite perfect in this room.


My mannequin ended up on my dressing table, just outside of my closet.  Honestly, it is just as perfect there as it would be in my closet.  I love being able to toss my hat, my scarf, or my necklaces on it.  It really becomes a décor piece at this point, a beautiful holding place until I feel like tidying up.


Rifle Paper Scarf on a vintage wicker mannequin


Atlanta Braves hat tossed atop a vintage wicker mannequin



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Recreate the Look

All sources needed to complete this look are located at the bottom of the following image:


Dressing Table vignette featuring vintage items

Vintage Wicker Mannequin  |  Navy ScarfIronstone Pitcher  |  Lavender  |  Treen  |  Ironstone Relish Dish  |  Louis Vuitton Bag

Antique Pine Table  |  Vintage French Chair  |  Lidded Waste Basket  |  Antique Persian Rug



Which Usage Would Work in Your Home?

Besides adding instant texture to a space, a vintage wicker mannequin can have quite the practical modern use in the home.  Consider displaying this lightweight mannequin on the wall as art in a place like the powder room or guest bedroom where it can be a conversation piece.  Secondly, a vintage wicker mannequin can be used as a decorative drop zone for your accessories until you have the energy to put away these items in their proper place.


Antique Pine Dressing Table with French chair


Which idea for using a vintage wicker mannequin could you see implementing in your home?


If you are inspired to use a vintage wicker mannequin in your home, I would love to see it.  Be sure to tag me @inheritedadco in your photo.



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