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How to Host a Website Launch Party–The Details and The Decor

Today is the one-year anniversary for my website (and website launch party).  I have enjoyed getting settled into my online home, and I hope you have found the tips and sources here helpful.  I am excited to share more as the house comes together.  My fall and winter projects have me giddy, and I cannot wait to share.  If you were around in September 2022 and follow me on social media, you know that I kicked off my website launch week with an in-person party.  Since party season is fast-approaching, I thought it would be fun to share a launch party recap now.  There are many steps that go into hosting an event, and I hope you will find some tips and tricks below helpful as you plan your holiday parties.  Then, of course, if you are planning a website launch party, the information that follows is perfectly aligned for your undertaking.


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"How to Host a Website Launch Party--The Details and The Decor"


Where Should You Host Your Website Launch Party?

My website launch party was held at Mere Bulles Restaurant in Brentwood, Tennessee.  In determining the location for the party, I researched several popular event spaces in town.  The goal was to find a place that was a historic building, ideally a home, as well as a place that was all-inclusive to decrease some of the party planning logistics.  I wanted the location to feel “on brand” as an antiques dealer transitioning into home blogging.  I knew I wanted to serve a celebratory drink, but I did not want to hassle with supplying my own champagne or finding a licensed bartender.  Sourcing furniture and linen rentals was not ideal either for the budget nor timeline.


A restaurant offered a lot of what I needed at a budget that worked for a transitioning business.  Specifically, Mere Bulles was appealing for its history as a 1940s home built by a family and a woman who loved to entertain.  Plus, they had many options to choose from to keep the budget where it needed to be, including different rooms and menus.


Who Should You Invite to Your Website Launch Party?

Once the location was secured, I had invitations printed using my old logo and mailed.  The individuals who were invited were a mixture of people—friends, small business owners, antique dealers, customers, decorators, and influencers.  The group was eclectic, but they all had one thing in common.  That commonalty was they were all encouragers in this unexpected long journey to creating my online home.


Why Host a Website Launch Party?

My website was originally planned to be created in early 2019 after we moved into our custom home.  We had quite the building story and ended up feeling like we were living in a renovation for four years after moving in, pandemic delays included.  I unexpectedly had to become a project manager during this time to get our house settled, and I had to push the website to the side.  These party guests were encouragers to me during this long delay.  I wanted to celebrate the new website, the rebranding, and most importantly the people who helped me keep my chin up and get there.


What Happens in a Launch Event?

Because this group was eclectic and many did not know each other, I wanted a few activities to help them interact.  There had to be a “thank you” as well, which came in the form of an ironstone giveaway and tasty meal.  Obviously, the website and rebranding were featured too. The event itinerary follows:


Mix and Mingle

The event was held during a brunch time slot at 11 o’clock in the morning and began with a mix and mingle period.  As guests arrived they were offered mimosas, juice, or sparkling water.


Mimosa Bar at the Inherited and Co. Website Launch Party


Champagne bottles on ice


Each one was handed a “Find Someone Who . . .” icebreaker card and pen, featuring my new branding by Holly Hollon.  This is an icebreaker that I used in my former career as an educator, so I knew it would be easy for my more introverted guests to complete because the extroverts would approach them.  The game is played by finding someone who identifies with the provided statement and recording their name.


Inherited and Co. branded card in website launch party guest's hands


Website Launch Party guest playing "Find Someone Who . . ."


The selected sentence fragments were décor-focused to stay on brand.  Find someone who loves decorating with lots of color.  Find someone who has been featured in a décor magazine. Find someone who bought an antique this week.


"Find Someone Who . . ." card in party guest's hand


The first person to complete the card wins.  In this case, the prize was a pair of Inherited and Co. brunch place settings, including two sand-carved champagne flutes (created by Highland Rim Engraving), two ironstone plates, and two monogrammed Sferra napkins (embroidered by Mark Mack).


Inherited and Co. branded champagne flutes and cocktail napkins


As guests mingled, playing the icebreaker, a couple of hors d’oeuvres were passed.  The website, designed by Digital Grace Design, was projected and scrolling on the screen.


Guests at a Website Launch Party

Amy @amymarx


Shrimp cocktail Hors d'oeuvres


During this time, I caught up with my guests, took photos with them, and introduced people who I knew had similar interests.


Host and guests talking at a party

Kelly @kellyl_mckinleybrandingco & Luke @theox_and_thecrane


Lauren of Inherited and Co. and Morgan of Olive Branch Cottage

Morgan @olivebranchcottage


Lauren of Inherited and Co. and Alyssa of Nashville Bride Guide

Alyssa @nashvillebrideguide


Guests mingling at the Inherited and Co. Website Launch Party

Jason @dirthomeandgardentn & Britt @deuxiemeantiquesandvintage


Guests at the Inherited and Co. Website Launch Party

Shannon @lifestylebyleblanc & Emily @emilywriteswell2.0


Lauren of Inherited and Co. and Genevieve of Gracefully Home

Genevieve @gracefully_home


When “Find Someone Who . . .” cards were filled, this mix and mingle period was ended with the giveaway and the meal began.


Giveaway presentation at website launch party


Brunch Menu

The brunch menu was beautifully featured in brand collateral designed by Holly Hollon.


Inherited and Co. Brochure


Menu for the Inherited and Co. Website Launch Party


Two courses were served.  The starter was a Goat Cheese Salad featuring spinach, fried goat cheese, shallots, walnuts, apples, cranberries, and a house vinaigrette.


Mere Bulles' Goat Cheese Salad


The entrée course consisted of a choice of three options.  Option one was Shrimp and Grits featuring fried grits, bacon, and a Cajun cream sauce.  The second option was the Mere Bulles Signature Frittata containing eggs, spinach, mushrooms, goat cheese, and chorizo.  The last choice was an Avocado Toast with shaved boiled egg, feta, red radishes, and pea shoots.


Mere Bulles' Shrimp and Grits


Mere Bulles' Avocado Toast


Dessert was two branded cookies created by Baked in Nashville.


Inherited and Co. branded cookie


Toasts and Giveaway

As guests dined, they checked out the mobile version of the website using my branded QR code.  Additionally, they completed a “Do It For The ‘Gram!” checklist to enter the giveaway.


Guests eating at the Inherited and Co. Website Launch Party

Hannah @drhannah.healthcoach


Do It for the 'Gram cards


The champagne toasts were given as everyone was wrapping up their meal.  My dear friend gave the sweetest one.  Lauren (yes, another Lauren!) has been alongside me as my career has changed from educator to antiques dealer, and she has been the biggest cheerleader as I expanded into blogging.


Toasts at Inherited and Co. Launch Party

Lauren @laurenbarca


Champagne Toast at Party


Host thanking toaster at a party


The cheerleading, the support, the encouragement from the people in the room is what my toast focused on.  I truly value the connections I have formed in business and as a business owner, and I wanted to celebrate these people as I took the next step with Inherited and Co.’s online presence.


Speaker at Website Launch Party


Also, I talked about the individuals who helped me with all of the pieces that created a website that I feel presents my mission and design aesthetic perfectly—Holly Hollon (logo and branding), Mandy Liz (brand photography), and Digital Grace Design (web design).


Lauren of Inherited and Co. toasting


As an additional “thank you,” I led us into giveaways.  The giveaway prizes were antique English ironstone pitchers, tied up with the prettiest silk ribbons from Froufrou Chic, just as Holly designed the pitcher in my logo.


Drawing for Ironstone Pitcher Giveaway at Inherited and Co. Website Launch Party


Ironstone Pitcher Giveaway Winner

Jason @dirthomeandgardentn


Ironstone Pitcher Giveaway Winner

Morgan @olivebranchcottage


Ironstone Pitcher Giveaway Winner


Ironstone Pitcher Giveaway Winner


Ironstone Pitcher Giveaway Winner


Ironstone Pitcher Giveaway Winner


Ending Celebration and Party Favors

After the ironstone pitcher giveaway, we ended with a celebratory lavender toss.  As a hostess, I want any event I throw, whether in my home or a home away from home to be fun.  We started with the games and ended with the toss.  What better way to conclude a fun event than a traditional toss for luck and prosperity?


Inherited and Co. Branded "Toss Me" lavender


Confetti Toss at Website Launch Party


Inherited and Co. Lavender Toss


Following the toss, guests began to gather their favors and leave.  For party favors, they were given an Inherited and Co. jute tote as well as the pen (ordered from Promo Hounds) they used during the games earlier.


Inherited and Co. Jute Tote


Inherited and Co. pen


Lauren of Inherited and Co. and Kari of Nourishing Skin Coach

Kari @nourishingskincoach


How Do You Decorate a Corporate Event?

After guests left, the décor had to be cleared from the restaurant.  I had such fun bringing the Inherited and Co. style into the restaurant, and my hope is a homey touch that I added to this corporate event will inspire you when decorating for your next party, business or otherwise.


Of course, to take a corporate event and make it cozy and inviting, I started by adding antiques.  My logo was painted by Shelby Etress onto an antique mirror and hung on the beautiful brick walls in Mere Bulles’ indoor patio.  (The restaurant was gracious enough to remove a modern painting that regularly hangs in that spot.)  In front of the mirror, I added three, vintage, chippy white columns and topped them with large ironstone pitchers.


Decor at the Inherited and Co. Website Launch Party


Inherited and Co. Branded Antique Mirror


Inherited and Co. Ironstone Pitcher


Inherited and Co. Ironstone Pitcher


Inherited and Co. Ironstone Pitcher


Inherited and Co. Ironstone Pitchers


Inherited and Co. Website Launch Party decorations


The other decorative vignette in the room was the step and repeat area.  Holly Hollon was integral in making sure my banner had more of a cozy, small business essence than what you see traditionally with these types of advertisements.  I continued that theme with a scalloped jute runner, serving as the typical “red carpet.”  To add warmth, I flanked the step and repeat with a pair of antique, French torchères.  Atop the torchères, I added ironstone master waste jars filled with dried lavender and tied with Froufrou Chic silk ribbons in one of my brand colors.


Lauren of Inherited and Co.


Inherited and Co. ironstone master waste jar


Decor for Inherited and Co. Launch Party


The tablescape included more of my brand collateral, a brochure that featured the menu and the QR code card that included the Instagram game on the opposing side.  Mere Bulles was extremely helpful when I was deciding how I wanted to decorate the tables.  I knew I wanted the white tablecloths and napkins provided by the restaurant, but I wanted to add a little more texture.  The burlap table runners were ones that I made from a bolt of burlap fabric, and I dropped those off early for the staff to add to the tables during set-up.  Serving as the centerpiece, on top of the runners, was a mirror and candles provided by the restaurant, as well as an antique ironstone pitcher filled with dried lavender.  To add more color to the table, I added two of my branded cookies by Baked in Nashville at each place setting, which was kept very simple with classic white and silver.  Finally, my branded tote was placed in each chair.


Inherited and Co. Website Launch Party


Tablescape at the Inherited and Co. Website Launch Party


Inherited and Co. QR code


Inherited and Co. Website Launch Party Tablescape


Inherited and Co. Jute Tote


Ironstone pitcher with dried lavender


Inherited and Co. Website Launch Party


What Do You Wear to a Corporate Launch Party?

Lastly, let us talk about what I wore.  Because this party was at brunch time, I chose a lighter colored dress, yes, even after Labor Day.  The other factor I considered was not letting my outfit distract from my brand colors.  Of course, I added vintage pieces, a fun clutch, and a pair of shoes from a brand partnership.


Website Launch Party Outfit


  • Dress—This particular dress has since sold out, but the company is one I frequently check when I am dress shopping.


  • Clutch—This one has sold out, but the brand has a similar one available.



  • Shoes—The Perfect Round Toe Pump in Cognac Suede by Sarah Flint, a brand I love so much that I have partnered with them. If this is your first full-priced purchase, use code SARAHFLINT-CCINHERITEDANDCO at checkout for 15% off.


Leather and Canvas Clutch


Vintage Jewelry worn at Website Launch Party


Sarah Flint shoes worn at Inherited and Co. Website Launch Party


Join the Party!

From selecting the location and my outfit, deciding on the activities and menu, to decorating with the details in mind, I enjoy every aspect of party planning.  Planning my website launch party was no exception.


Tell me below in the comments, friend.  What detail of my website launch party spoke the most to you?  How can you see it used at your next party or in your home decor?  Tag me on Instagram at @inheritedandco when you do.


If you are just joining the party here, be sure to subscribe to my email newsletter.


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  1. Pamela says:

    I used to plan and cohost small parties for my scrapbooking group. I absolutely loved it and thought that maybe it was my calling. But that time is past now and I enjoy a much quieter life. Loved ‘being’ at your launch party. Thank you for including us.

    • Lauren of Inherited and Co. says:

      Oh, yes, Pamela, hosting an event is quite the undertaking! I hear you. I find that setting a nice table for two gives me equal thrill without the months of planning needed. Glad you enjoyed the post.